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Imagine being in EY for 9 years, still bought into the snake oil dream of becoming partner??
Well it is a numbers game after all. At SM level, there are literally only that few left in every batch so the odds are definitely higher. Although if given the chance again, i would definitely not choose audit.

The mistake alot of us made was that we didnít consider other career options when we were given the big 4 job offers during year 2 of our uni years. I would encourage the current uni students to consider careers in civil service and MNCs and attend as many interviews as possible. Donít give up your job hunts just because you have a big 4 offer. A big bad career move.

Seems like it is true a SM should not attend this forum which is made up of immature kids. My last post here. All the best to the rest. Please leave audit if you have the chance. It will only get worse from here.
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