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Haha with the amount of work and high resignations, do you think the morale can be boosted so easily? They have to make early announcement on the increment news if not there are really no one left. Expect another big wave of resignations after bonus and things will get even worse.

If you have a choice, dont join big 4, especially EY. With the stricter regulations and tight margins, things are getting worse by the day. There are no aws, no weekends-need to work to clear workloads and study sqp, no culture-most homegrown seniors/managers have already left, and unappreciative partners who are turning a deaf ear to the staff suffering, you need to seriously consider whether you really want to join them. The wage and career progression are not as good as its heydays.
Tbh this guy is right. We’ve been receiving reduced salaries due to covid and our annual promotion and bonus are still delayed till october while the rest of the other big 4 have shifted back to july. I don’t think their salaries were reduced during covid as well. Partners are only concerned of their own high earnings and homegrown staff have been leaving. Unlikely the salaries will bump up a lot because their might just increase back to pre-covid. People intend to leave after getting the bonus

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