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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is it better to do an IM or FM residency?
There are quite a few random questions presumably from young / jaded doctors, and answers from jaded and seemingly disillusioned doctors.
Please take replies with a pinch of salt and speak to people with actual wisdom.

This question is akin to asking whether driving BMW or Mercedes is better?
If someone asks you such a question, your next followup question is…
Better in what way?
What is your end goal?

Abe to all who say FM residency is useless / subpar in Singapore.
You either have not gone through FM residency yourself, or you happy practicing as an incompetent GP. Residency and MMed prepares you to be a competent FP, managing multitude of issues and coordinating care for your patients, many of whom come to you as the first port of call, trusting you to navigate them accurately and efficiently through the complex healthcare system.
If you practice post man style GP specializing in referrology then you only need MBBS.
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