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Hi guys, will need some advice. Can I ask what are the signs and symptoms of burnout and when should we seek help?
I am currently a FM resident rotating through the surgical specialties (currently in gs, just completed orthopaedics).
I hate my daily work, it seems that we are being dumped around the department mainly to plug manpower gaps. I don't feel that there is any learning/clinical value to what I am doing. (For e.g I was dumped into spine for 3 months in ortho despite me repeatedly telling the roster planner that it is pointless to go there. Currently in gs, we are sent to ot on multiple occasions to hold retractor and help type op note)
I feel that my job is pointless and boring and has little relevance to my career interest(gp), I am tired (hours are obviously long in surgical postings) and more importantly I feel that I have lost interest towards patient care. (Everyday I just turn up for work and wait for instructions to be given- e.g which patient to list, what to type for post op note etc)
I no longer have an inquisitive mindset that I used to have before I join residency. If I get scolded in ot, I also can't really be bothered anymore (my mentality now is if you think I am useless in ot- which I probably am, then please feel free to find another mo)

I am not sure if I am burn out, and if I should seek help and what will happen or can be done if I do seek help; or if I should just take a break from medicine altogether (I have no bond as I am overseas grad)
TS look after yourself first and take a break if you need to. Someone already said local FM residency training is no good, you're just warm bodies used to staff hospital manpower shortages under the guise of FM training, unlike surgical residency.
If you did med school overseas and wanted to do FM, you should have trained abroad where FM training is actually useful and more reputable in the medicine world.
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