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Then again, the government seems to be backtracking a little. Maybe they realize they have a crisis on their hands; that's why they introduced the Progressive Payment Scheme.

But the rapid rise of property prices, starting from '07, was mostly the fault of stock investors diversifying into property. They abused the Deferred Payment Scheme to make quick bucks, and it's traders more than the government that we should blame.

Well, that and the foreign influx...

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Actually, there are no "Real Reasons", but I agreed with his view on the property markets. Buy only within your means. Most importantly, if you are having your HDB flats and intend to upgrade, I would advice you to keep you HDB flats (if fully paid would be much better). The rest of your income can be used to service the new condo. In case, you lose your job, you will still have a HDB over your head.

You can rent it out of sell it when the price is really "good". I think many people is like me
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