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You donít have to work in UBS or any bank to find people who inflate their LinkedIn credentials distasteful. Same goes for folks who claim that they graduated from University of (insert some UK/Aus place) without indicating that it was under an external, distance-learning programme. Technically speaking not wrong, just distasteful. Trust me, people donít have to be in the industry to tell. And they donít owe it to you to identify themselves before they can laugh at you. They just do it.

Before you ask, no I donít work for UBS. I donít even work in AnY BAnk. Just wanted to put it out here because Iím experiencing some 2nd hand embarrassment here reading through some of the posts defending such behaviour in this thread.
Think about how easy it is to land a traineeship then perhaps you can understand why they have to stoop so low as to inflate their titles. Letís just laugh at how cringe some of them are will do.

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