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Which argument?? The post from the guy this morning of which you decided to take the easy way out??

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
1. Again, so how many have been in the program, how many converted, and how many left before the program ends? I’m not uptight about BB. You’re the one who is uptight when I mentioned UBS is a Low-tier BB (if it is even considered a BB at this point). Btw, have you looked up the meaning of BB?

2. Again, so what have you learned? Enough to earn more than $2500? And what do you do exactly? The same things as real IBs and WMs earning upwards of 6k after grad? Yup, sit down.

3. Why are you so upset? Regardless, I’ll answer your question. Yes - of course I’ll hire a BB FO over someone who is only good enough for a traineeship (and has close to zero eq acting as like they are FO bankers lol).

4. So are you telling me that those posts quoted by others a few days back aren’t true? That subconsciously the people in UBS aren’t approving of the program, they don’t think highly of these trainees and that the opportunities and conversion rate are close to nothing?

5. Calm down, you are probably part of the shameless bunch, but is there really a need to all caps? First of all, I’m not the poster(s) who outed the linkedin profiles earlier. Secondly, I don’t have to be a UBS employee to know what they do. From word of mouth (have a few friends in the trading desks @ 9 Penang Road) and reading posts by your alumni here is good enough. Do you seriously think they are running deals and talking to clients? Please.

Btw, why are you dodging questions in my previous post and instead opting to present moot arguments? If people aren’t convinced of the waning reputation of UBS and its traineeship program, I’m sure they are now judging by what I can only assume are your senseless “defenses”. “Fcking man mode”, “PS angry”. If you are unaware, MD wouldn’t supplement high-income earners remuneration unless they are KAH. In other words, if you are indeed a FO banker earning big bucks, it’s likely that you wouldn’t get called back if you are not a KAH.
Or are you referring to another argument??

Chill la. You think everyone so free like you meh. People only click in to scorn at how loserish some of y’all are. Drop the lame ass titles and act like who you really are. Aka trainees. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Resonate with the above poster that cringey ppl like you are actually getting laughed at hard behind your backs.

P.S. Am the guy who shared a few of your batchmates’ names a few days back

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