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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
thats a huge assumption from a person putting "Investment Banking or Global Wealth Management" as their title or division. You're an overly sensitive chap if you're getting butthurt by it lool. I mean, if you take your narrow vision and put it somewhere you'll see people putting "xx company IB interview round xx" into their linkedin experience as well does that make them Investment bankers as well??? or are you just whining here because you got rejected by SGUTs
You just did a fantastic job describing urself. cmon trainee, you are better than this. why need to camp here 247? just work on urself. & for whats its worth, yes, those people who put “xx company IB interview round xx” are just as cringe-worthy as u. at least they didnt fake their titles tho. fyi, i did not get rejected by SGUTs bcus i did not apply had three gp offers before grad nia hehehe

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