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Not entirely true. Depends on the project you are on. Most likely you are brought in at the tail end of the project which is severely delayed and running out of funds. Thats why your experience is terrible lol.

When i was on a bad project doing OT, i was able to order dinner on project expenses (aka i dont pay, company pay) and get free grab home. Can even earn grab points.

On another project where the location is terrible, i can grab directly from home to work and back home. If dont want go back home also ok. Grab to anywhere in singapore after work. Company pay.

Nobody uses their transport allowance for transport allowance. Its just extra pay.
You are telling me that given the extra allowance you still claim your cab and food as per pre-bump? Stop lying to yourself please. I know how tight the budget is for ACN projects, esp HNPS. And given the bulk of ACN revenue comes from HNPS, yup sweat shop hours. Hourly pay with all the OT expenses, probably slightly better than B4 audit?
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