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If I am a MX13(I), what's the chances of promotion to the next grade in this coming appraisal and PG exercise?

Also for the merit increment, is it fixed across for all or is it based on your PG and CEP? What is the amount (percentage).

If there is a promotion, will there be a merit increment and promotion increment at the same time?
Performance appraisal exercise is done twice a year. The boss, which is your CO, has to put up a promotion for you in one of the 2 exercises. That said, as most of the bosses are also ‘parachuted’ into the role, don’t think about it for the next 2 years? For those seconded or transferred to ACE within MOM, they are permanent staff and the boss will have to raise up based on their performances as well. Is all about the boss whether he is doing the right thing or not but within 1 year to be upgraded, quite unlikely… but of course, there are always exceptions…
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