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How many phones do doctors working in public hospitals own? I have a friend who is a junior doctor who uses his personal phone for work too. Is this common or only AC and C use 2 phones?
Usually two phones.
Like most companies mohh give us a 25 dollar phone allowance per mth
This allowance is taxable

But 25 is good enough for sim only

We tend to have two phones.
To separate work vs personal.
HO MO and Reg needs it. Coz ppl dont like to share their personal number with the rest.
Any nurses doc or pharmacist or PSA can call u even if u have left the hospital. These days youngster like to switch off their work phones after office hours. Unacceptable.
I think it is only decent if a doc comes back to hosp, if he has forgotten to complete the discharge summary.

#Dedication or better still don't go back home

The very senior docs have one phone only. Coz nobody calls them haha
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