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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
if you tank for 6.5 years in a company like st then do you still think you can survive outside? just lay low and do minimum also get band 2 , you got band 3 while saying you did so much means you fk up alot, any other company would have fired you long ago. you are the cushion band 3 for your dept.

my dept has someone who tear project document and the project pm complaint to dept manager but nothing happen.
just stay in st iron rice bowl, angkat a few management vp go smoke with them act like you do alot work. i do this for 10 years in st and got m1. i go office either sleep or look at news for stock on my ipad very good life and free pay every month without working. now covid i stay home with my big screen tv and just say i busy meeting with customer or act like i need to delivery project stuff but the stuff not my project scope
st got alot of you, and all of you should be fired. st set up so many committee but nvr set up one to audit all these leeches.

if any vp saw this, please go audit and review what your employee are doing. the easiest and fastest cost saving is to remove all the leeches. every project outsource then still need so many people for what. start from those dept with alot of people, just tell them give like 5 name anonymously then you investigate, confirm will hit some of the dead weight. u cut all these leeches means your bonus higher!
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