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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
if you tank for 6.5 years in a company like st then do you still think you can survive outside? just lay low and do minimum also get band 2 , you got band 3 while saying you did so much means you fk up alot, any other company would have fired you long ago. you are the cushion band 3 for your dept.

my dept has someone who tear project document and the project pm complaint to dept manager but nothing happen.
just stay in st iron rice bowl, angkat a few management vp go smoke with them act like you do alot work. i do this for 10 years in st and got m1. i go office either sleep or look at news for stock on my ipad very good life and free pay every month without working. now covid i stay home with my big screen tv and just say i busy meeting with customer or act like i need to delivery project stuff but the stuff not my project scope
You are the legendary sucker. The company needs to remove more ppl like you.
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