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Nope. Not necessarily but ministries got more scholar for leadership position while stat board ceo or ce usually come in from parachute.

For farmer, no matter where you go also same.

I graduated first class from NTU but not on scholarship. Joined ministry at highest level entry salary in 2017 (4100 sgd) work 3 years, my last drawn with ministry was around 5,100.

Pb for 2017 - C
Pb for 2018 - B
Pb for 2019 - B
Pb for 2020 - N/A cause resign in Nov 2020.

Compared to my peers from NTU, they are nowhere near 5k salary (we science degree)

Now I in private, no transferable skill, paycut to 4 K but i am happier
Did you get promoted in your 3 years there? You left as MX12?
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