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The range is roughly like I stated earlier, but if you want precise number I really can’t recall, sorry.

IDA is an interesting org in the sense that there is 2 sub cultures. First and biggest group is of course the “aunties”, these are long serving people who make up the bulk of population. Whether they are directors, managers, officers, attitude about the same, no innovation, relax, everything SOP cannot change, like to pull seniority, regard any talk on market best practice with disgust etc.

IDA also recruit a lot of mid-careers from pte sector compared to other stat boards, so occasionally there will be some new director or manager who come in with drive to change, attempt to whip the old birds into shape etc. but they never succeed. They either stay and transform to the old bird group or get out rejoin pte sector.

By and large the culture is slow, dull, not receptive to change, but occasionally you might get a siow on boss but his / her “on-nees” wont last >1 year.
Isn't the same for other govt agencies as well?
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