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NUS fresh grad. I first received a keen to process application from LTA (in verbatim their HR said I passed the interviews and will get the job, subject to medical and reference checks), then a verbal offer from HDB - to reply in a week. I'm more keen on LTA, but their HR indicated they will only be able to get back to me with an actual verbal offer end next week - which it after HDB's one week reply period. Both SBs will be offering about the same salary. In this case is it safe that I reject HDB in favour of a pending LTA offer?
You can try to request HDB to give you one more week extension. Or tell LTA HR frankly you have another offer and need a quicker confirmation saying you prefer LTA. Alternatively, accept HDB first and when LTA comes, just say sorry to HDB and do so before you sign appt letter. I know it is not nice to do so, but you have to consider your own future sometimes. I believe HR is quite used to such things. If all donít work, then just take the risk of rejecting HDB and pray no surprises from LTA. All the best.
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