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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The number of UK law grads posting cringy self-congratulatory posts about their amazing 2.1s and Firsts with some instagram-type "artistic" mugshot is seriously astounding. They exemplify the type of lawyers in practice that whine and brag in the office or to their peers about how much work they have to do and how many hours they work, but don't actually do a lot in reality.

Meanwhile the nus and smu law students are just silently getting their deans lists, second upper or first class and not bragging about it on social media. These are the kinds of lawyers that are just getting sh it done and being actually useful team members, not making a big show about it.
Aiya all this cock talking is getting tiring. Is your hand tired from all thay circle jerking? I’ve seen NUS/SMU grads be absolute cunts and flaunting their ****, just not on social media. Same ****.

Now y’all just shut the **** up and get back to the main topic, which is lawyers’ salary and general discussion on the legal profession.
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