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i just joined MAS last year as AD. i have 16 years of experience. all my experience from govt sector. i also dont know why some ppl can join MAS as DD, but most enter as AD.
Morale of story is to reach DD position, it all depend on whether your boss like you or not. lol....
If you join from other agencies in the public sector, usually they match your last drawn with the pay scale in MAS. If yr last drawn is within the AD range, they will give you AD. In most newly hired DD, you can expect the new entrants are from private sector as their last drawn are way higher than public sector.

Also, if you see position such as AD/DD, it also indicates tt the dept might have higher budget to hire a more senior role as compared to Associate/AD, where the latter might indicate tt the dept looking to hire a junior role. Even if offered AD, the pay might not be high and limited room to nego given the low budget the dept has.

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