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Hi All,

Just to share my situation... i'm 28 yo with working experience of 5yrs+ in IT networking. Few months ago, i gotten a job which pays abt 5k+ pm with an annual (discretionary) bonus about 2 mths (no AWS for this company). My job is kind of regional role which requires me to run projects, implementing and supporting operation of our local and sites offices. I do need travel as per require.

So now, after my probation.. they decided to offer me a perm position without any changes of remuneration or benefits but an increase to 2 months notice period and i'm not really happy about it.

In your opinion, what shld be the approx annual wage package? And if die die HR not willing to increase the figure, what are other terms and benefits i can negotiate to make my employment contract better before i sign on the dotted line?

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