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Hi, i dont usually comment on threads but because i have applied for the position of untrained school counsellor myself and went through the process and have been looking for others’ experiences on this. I wanna help others too!

Seriously, its the toughest interview ive been to. Ive had 3 successful offers with other ministries since i graduated and the interviews were not as tough as this. And to think i really prepared for it. Whatever negative reviews u read on glassdoor, it is true. Tho i believe it depends on ur interviewers bt i wld think that the more challenging interviews shld be by the same few interviewers. They will really drill you and question your intentions on applying for the job. Why this, why not apply other helping professions since u want to help others? Alot of questions on your resilience, coping, and how committed and dedicated you are for a very highly demanding and mentally draining job. They also make alot of reference to your past jobs and also what kind of jobs ure looking for now. I think this is to sieve out those who apply “just to try”. Afterall, they will be paying for your training + giving full monthly salary and u will be bonded for 2 yrs aft training.

Once youre shortlisted, u will have to complete some IQ quiz which is not too difficult, qns also include abt ur morals, personality & coping. U will also have to ask ur referee to fill up an excel sheet, assessing somewhat ur counselling, people n problem solving skills. After which there will be two rounds of interview (if u pass the first one).

So yeah, i hope this is helpful and just come fully prepared. Be confident and must put aside pride/ego bcos seriously aft the interview you can actually feel personally attacked and abit like character assassination hah! It would be great to also read up on resources on the intent of qns posed by interviewers, bcos i personally feel their questions are not straightforward tho it may seem so. There are specific answers and qualities theyre looking for as with all other interviews bt its just that this stood out more for me!

Hi there! Thank you so much for the detailed information. It has certainly provided me with great insights on what I am applying for! hahha!

May I ask, what were some of the interview questions the interview questions they asked? Thanks so much for your time!
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