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Originally Posted by rarashow View Post
serious? DD is the highest one can go without being a scholar? Then isn't there nothing very much to look forward to.. what is the highest pay band for AD and DD. Appreciate if you can shed some light... a ballpark will do.. thanks
Just to clarify, when I say AD and DD etc. means internal real title across most stat boards & public organizations, not external inflated titles like MTI.

I can’t remember precisely, but I know DD is around 8k – 11k and AD 6.5k – 9k. Actually not bad lar, if you go private sector most people will also hit ceiling at around that level, some might not even break the 10k mark in their whole careers. Bankers take up <1% of working population, cannot everything compare with banks, must look at normal career in MNC better benchmark.

There are some very rare case got non-scholar hit D level (start of superscale), but really very exceptional.
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