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where do people jump to after st? most i heard is go LTA. the skill set used in st is so random, never use those 8D or FMEA or whatever normal engineering methods to solve problem. everything problem just ask customer can close eye or not.

i am underpaid as fk. 3year working exp (2 years in ST), promoted this year but am E5 getting below 3.3k mthly, am st contract with 0.5mth bonus, and best of all i have band 1 grading for 2 years. my previous bonus also 0.5mth. i can show proof to mods for my below 3.3k salary, 0.5mth bonus and band 1

i signed my st contract, but really felt 2 years wasted for nothing.
8D and FMEA are very commonly used engineering methods.
8D is for problem solving
FMEA comes in design or process objective which assesses risks of design / process to coordinate a follow up action to reduce the risk computed by a predefined scoring system.
Asking customers to 'close eye' in the normal world is as good as disrespecting their rights to good quality goods.

How can this even be something to consider for any professional with self respect? What a disgrace to all engineers.
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