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Yup, you are right. The figures I shared earlier mostly relate to grad program hires as indicated. For MO/BO program, headcount is less than 10 for each BB every year (JPM/GS/MS/UBS/CS/Citi). The number is slightly higher for local banks. Note that the number of FO positions every year is also less than 10 for BB grad program.

10 includes ex-SAs who were offered FT conversion btw. Most of these positions are filled by them. Only have opening for straight FT intake if there’s a sudden requirement/interns renege on their return offer.
Yeps there are hardly a good amount of FO grad openings if you're not from the summer analyst program and converted. I do remember several (but very very few) slots being offered because of the reasons u stated above (interns renege / increase in business need).

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