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Originally Posted by localacctundergrad View Post
Hi all, final year student from one of the local uni acct programs. Currently FCH.

Internship experiences include a Risk advisory stint at a Big 4. Think internal audit and enterprise risk mgmt implementation. Not rly a fan of Big 4 cos of the long hours and low starting pay but all my peers, bc of old mindset reasons, want to go b4 so i do feel a bit of peer pressure there.

Should i go for big 4 again or MNCs/Banks as my first job? For MNCs, I am looking more at Management Associate Programmes and for Banks, I am looking at Risk Management/Compliance roles. Also, how difficult is it to get those roles?

Thanks all
Definitely MA programs, but note that the success rate for MAPs is incredibly low so cast your net very wide and apply for big 4 as a backup.

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