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Originally Posted by bellmiko View Post

Thanks for your reply.

Like everybody else, I hope to get a better paid job. Fair right? I do not know of any any regular Administrative personnel can ever earn over 3k per month. But as a PA, it is possible, with plenty of experience serving very high Management which is what I have to work my way towards. 3k is not A LOT, but its not bad for a Admin position. Its far fetched to tink that a Admin girl can earn up to Numerous thousand dollars (in my dreams maybe ). But anything more than my previous pay would be a tiniest bit satisfying given the fact that i got that amount after 3yrs..

For the record, U just Imagine on a 1600 pay, how much do I bring home after CPF and i have to travel for 6days to work + a handful of 7days work week. i tink purely transportation will take up 1/3 of what i actually bring home after CPF.

hi bellmiko...u intend to pursue the secretarial/pa field? any thoughts of working in the law/legal services, i.e legal secretary? its kinda stressful supporting the lawyers but u will be working directly under them, so they can raise ur pay if they think u are up to standards...perhaps u can consider...
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