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Default Reference Check

Hi there people! Need your views and inputs on my current situation.

End May 2021 - Applied for Ministry job in Careers@SG
1st week June - Attended 1st interview (informal) with Senior AD & DD
Mid June - HR emailed arranging for 2nd interview + submit written test & job forms
Last week June - 2nd interview with D, DD (same as 1st interview), DD (from another department) & HR
Same day night - HR emailed "keen to move things forward" & requested my HR details for reference check
Today (30/06/21) - HR said will contact my current work HR & immediate manager for reference check

So now this is the thing. I had to inform my HOD & immediate supervisor that I had applied for this Ministry job because they want to reference check with my CURRENT workplace. After much reluctance I approached them and they seemed okay with it and assured to help me.

But the Ministry HR ALSO said in the email "this reference check is not a confirmation or final step of our recruitment to the post" and also that it is part of their good HR practice. They also added that "we are at only the beginning of processing your application, please allow 2-weeks before we convey the outcome".

So now I am quite stressed as my current manager and HOD knows that I intend to leave them for a job in Ministry BUT if the HR did not offer the job, then I AM SO DEAD, isn't it? Don't know how I am going to face them after this if I don't get this Ministry job.

Someone please advice whether the reference checks are done for the 1st choice shortlisted candidate? Or is it a mass reference checking campaign? And what does the reference checking include? Thanks guys!
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