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Hello! May I know if taking up a treasury analyst role at a MNC (not finance related) or market risk at a local bank focusing on either interest rate risk or liquidity risk is better for long term prospects and which role has better advancement/ exit opportunities in the future? Both are entry level positions. The treasury role is a permanent role which starts off with doing cash management but I heard that there is possible advancement to liquidity management and FX hedging in the future whereas the market risk role is a contract role and will focus on generating reports, working on LCR, NSFR, IRRBB etc and exposure to different market risk functions as time goes by. Any idea which function would be a better option for learning opportunities and long term career with potential chances to get into IB as well?
Neither. It's very hard to move from Back/Middle Office to Front Office. If you do make it, it will be IN SPITE of your experience.

Understand IB is very competitive and Singapore has small headcount. Why would they hire someone from Treasury when they can hire fresh grads with 5x more relevant experience from PE/IB Internships.

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