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Hi bellmiko,

Something for you to ponder:
Why switch line, and into secretarial / PA line of work? It is not a line of work that pays well to begin with. If you are choosing this line not for monetary reason, why are you asking for $$? And if you are, do a little bit more research.

True, you lack experience but you had govt-related experience, which some companies like. Imagine a particular company who deals mainly with govt bodies, they would LOVE to have someone who used to work inside there previously to help them to sort out the paper chase.

Seek out those companies, who may be your ex-vendors/suppliers and apply with them, and quote your experience with paper work with the public sector. You stand a bigger chance in getting a better-paid job.

And of course interviewers would seldom make you feel at ease. That's the purpose eh?


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