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You are in FO? Which top-tier BB (JP/GS/MS) pays 3.6k for fresh diploma hires in WM/PB? Note that this is not your relationship branch manager in DBS/SCB etc, we are talking about servicing HNW/UNHW/Family Offices.

And which top-tier BB has the salary ceiling of >8k without a degree? Oh, oh & since when do these roles (be it sales/products) not need a CFA/CAIA/FRM for progression? Since you said you’re in FO too, tell me which function he is in then LOL. OP is mum about his ‘function’ and ex-BB for a reason la
Rofl diploma kids in this forum like to fantasize about life in FO while lacking the skills and education background to make it there. Sibeh loser.
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