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Originally Posted by bellmiko View Post
Seems like most of the post are on Professional Positions like Engineers etc. So I may appear completely ignorant with my question. Nevertheless, really need some advise.

I am just an ordinary early-20s girl who completed a Multimedia Engineering course at Polytechnic. I did administrative job for the past 3yrs+ in a Government-related Company doing a specific Government job earning $17xx after 3yrs. I recently resigned in hope to pursue a career in the Secretarial/Personal Assistant line. I am also currently pursuing a Secretarial Diploma.

I attended an interview at a local Company with 100+ staff today for position of Junior Secretary given the fact that I have no experience as a Secretary. The interviewer barely viewed my profile and asked me questions like do I know English, when he just mentioned that the Company deals STRONGLY with Associates from China. Anyway, I believe with Singapore's English education background, even successful completion of at least 10yrs basic education, most of us probably know enough English to get by. For me although i did not study University, i completed Poly at least. Like many of us fellow Singaporeans, I have no problem in understanding, speaking or writing in English. Now comes the remuneration scheme, proving that he seriously did not look at my profile at all. After 3yrs of working at my old Company, I was getting $17xx for 5days work week and now, this Company, citing my inexperience, offers me only $1600-$1700 for 5.5days work week. During events which occurs a handful of times per year, employees had to work on Sunday with NO OT PAY. Maybe its just me, but its kind of humiliating. Would anyone change a job that offers lower pay with such working conditions?

I know I have no experience. But what baffles me is that, not all Polytechnic graduate comes out and do what they studied. Does this mean all this time spent in Poly is all wasted and the Certificate is just rubbish if you do not pursue a career in what you studied? Haiz..
First off, no need to feel offended, humiliated, insulted or any of such nonsense emotions. At the end of the day, whatever they choose to call you, you are applying for a basic admin close to brainless job & nobody really cares about your qualification, career aspiration, culture fit etc.

Last time when I hire for this kind of job in a Dutch MNC, our only criteria is “dun sound like an idiot, dun look like a gangster”. Of course we go through motion pretend to read CV, ask “strategic” questions etc, but that’s the truth for you.

I mean no insult, just telling you the truth. As for salary, although you dun have direct experience, my take is you should take up jobs that at least match your current pay. Any company that tell you no direct experience etc. is lying, there is not much specialized expertise that can be gained from having a few years of experience in a basic admin job. Important thing is attitude and resourcefulness, that’s all.
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