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Seems like accenture has a lot of analysts with private uni comp sci degree. Got misled into thinking that those analysts have legit comp sci degree until I further probed which school and the analysts sheepishly admitted that it was obtained via distance based learning. Funny thing is seeing how analysts tried to talk big among themselves but cowered in shame when in the presence of public university students. Must admit Accenture is a real good stepping stone for these students though
Private uni, local uni, foreign uni all can find la. Bottom line, ACN is still paying >4.5k for fresh grads. Btw the pay master function is consulting track, not the SWE track for ACN. Ergo, no one values comp sci highly here. Mostly outsourced to cheaper locations in India/Philippines, SG team just do selling/vendor mgmt/PM.

You think ACN builds its own products and have to constantly innovate like FAANG meh? We just collect kick back from them by recommending their products (cloud, ERP etc) to clients bruv

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