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It's BS cause of the jump. If there wasn't any jump I can still believe, internal jumps like that don't really depend on credentials and just on your superior's appraisal. But getting a jump from 4100 to 6900 without a degree from another institution? Yeah, that's BS.
OP: Just reading through these here and just canít believe the feedback from a friendly sharing. The amounts listed arenít extraordinary either especially when compared with fast tracked degree holders / MAs.

However to answer some, I did an internal mobility move between 4100 to 6900, still FO with different function, the company sent me for a traineeship tour in one of their SEA offices to learn from the other teams there and I had a rank promotion. RGD move - MM poached me over and I decided that it was a right opportunity (at that time). RGD BB hiring DIP for FO, I experienced it, but I canít stop you from doubting as it is indeed very rare.
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