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U dun continue smoking la. Wrong Liao tell u nicely still continue to smoke..piang ey.
Fracgp is what u get after completing gp training. Train finish liao still need what qualifying exams.
If Ur internship is done in a jurisdiction not recognised by Australia, u need to pass AMC part 1 and 2.
Afterward u get limited registration. Once u finish 8 weeks general medical, 8 week surgical and 8 weeks a&ex u essentially pass your 'supervisied practice' and u get general registration. There is no such thing as full registration in Australia.
Only when u completed a vocational training program, eg gp training, surgical training and get the letters behind your names then u can offer independent medical service and charge Medicare for the services rendered to patients.

What's up with all the rubbish post by so many idiots giving false information nowadays man.
Exams and assessments are part of the process still. Hence those can be considered entrance/qualifying exams as well. Every country has its own process for selecting properly trained doctors. Glad that you are able to provide correct current information specific to Australia.
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