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But you're retarded and I very much suspect not a lawyer. Do you even know how law firm economics work? Some of us are very senior associates here on the cusp of salaried partnerships. Some of us are alr salaried partners. I doubt real EPs are trawling this forum though.

We actually know how the business works. It is our business to know. I billed literally > than 5 times my salary last year. My team and I got a nice fat bonus. Covid wasn't even a thing lol.

Nobody gives a flying f uck what objective philosophical value you ascribe to legal services. All we care about is how much the market is willing to pay for it.

We work for clients that can afford to pay very generously. Believe me, their paying their own executives even fatter stacks of cash and benefits. If you don't have clients that can pay that well, then sorry to say, your firm or your firm's services are s hit.
Hear Hear!
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