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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi EEE grad, pls do not join Tech Seed or any SWE role for that matter. SWE and other CS jobs are for CS students! How would you feel if CS students take over your low skilled job of replacing blown light bulbs? I know EE students like you are not intellectually superior enough to understand that CS jobs require high level of computing knowledge that the EE syllabus simply does not offer. Pls fk off and not destroy our prestigious reputation!
LMAOO. If a light-bulb changing EEE grad can steal your "prestigious" SWE role, then maybe stop to consider that being a SWE code monkey is not as prestigious or intellectually demanding as you think it is? Logic - did you even learn it in your prestigious CS course?

Do you see Business students moaning that other disciplines can join Investment Banking? No, because they know whoever can make it is good enough, and who can't make it isn't.

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