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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
As a non-lawyer, I'm interested to know what a lawyer can do for me e.g. if I need to get divorced, or kena arrested, as opposed to doing it myself. Especially since my friends who have gotten uncontested divorces paid $3.5k, later regretted and said they paid for lawyer for nothing and could have done it themselves

I don't think that poster (?) is a troll, and I would appreciate any sharing (preferably without repeatedly getting called a moron)
The other poster was talking about it from a business standpoint and basically saying a lawyer's salary shouldnt depend on how much revenue he brings it from the firm. That's moronic.

Your question is different - you're asking about whether the lawyer's fee is justified. No one is saying that a lawyer makes a difference in every case, or that they will end up saving you more than you would spend otherwise. But sometimes, the law can be very hard to understand and the results of not knowing your legal rights (or obligations) can have disastrous consequences. Of course, most of the time it's straightforward and it might feel to you like your lawyer didnt really do much. But a decent lawyer would have done a lot of checks to make sure you that you are entitled to not do much. You're paying for that.

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