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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The only important point was "the breakeven point for hiring a fresh lawyer is estimated at 3x their pay" - who comes up with this stuff?

It seems so arbitrary, like an excuse to work backwards and say because I bill $600k a year, I should be paid $200k a year and therefore ~$17k a month.

What kind of client is willing to instruct a bunch of 24yos who each earn $17k a month?
I will answer your point line by line even though it's already pretty clear to everyone here you're just a salty low-achiever:

-> People who have run law firms and know how much the usual cost of hiring staff / rent / benefits are...? Do you have any concept of what running a business entails? The 2.5-3x number is standard in the legal industry.

-> How is it arbitrary to work backwards from revenue to determine cost of employment LOL are you stupid? It's the opposite of arbitrary. So what do you mean when you repeatedly ask "what value do you bring"? Based on your reply you're not referring to monetary value, so what kind of value are you referring to? The value of good service? Moron LOL

-> The client is not instructing the 24 y/o, the client is instructing the partner who takes responsibility for the 24 y/0's work.

I really hope you're 14 or something because if your mind is working like this as a working adult it'd be in the best interests of the species if you don't breed
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