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The US and UK people actually know their rights - they put out the work they get paid for. So law firms have to remunerate them highly with the expectation that they will work long hours. Here the Big 4 partners get away with paying us **** wages while expecting the same work because we are willing to supply our 16 hr/day labour at this wage. If we all banded together and refused to work at this wage they would have no choice but to increase wages. But sadly it will be a cold day in hell before this happens because lawyers (and Singaporeans at large) get off of working longer and harder than anyone else in some kind of pissing contest.
He/she/it asked, what is the value of your work done, numbnuts. If it was just sheer number of hours worked, then why don't we see delta construction workers getting paid S$260kpa to build your BTO flat?

Obviously there isn't much value in copypasting from agreements that your seniors copypasted from themselves, which is why he/she/it asked why have to pay so much for same sh*t different skin colour, same bloody language anyway

Make the case for the value you think you contribute you smoothbrained moron
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