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[QUOTE=Unregistered;174849]Wtf guys. Nobody cares about what tom dick harry on a forum thinks is aptitude.

Unpopular take: Curve and mandated fail rates do
The current system is regressive since it purports to produce the SAME STANDARD of lawyers based on different objectives and standards (of local exams and Part A).

The starting point should be the same and not vary according to different subsections of the legal profession. You want to produce an NUS 2.1 standard across the board, so be it. All foreign grads to be marked on NUS exams on a bell curve.

This puts an end to the entire universe of vitirol which has been expounded in the past 1000 pages. If someone cannot meet an NUS 2.1 standard, he's out. No need to compare schools. If someone is from a bad school but meets an NUS 2.1 standard, he's worthy of being called regardless of school.

If you say NUS students should have jobs because of the academic rigour in NUS, I'm sure you will support parity. It will remove everyone's sense of entitlement. Don't give me BS like your school better than his school. Put your money where your mouth is.

Members of the public are relying on the rigour of examinations to ensure certain minimum standards. The ends justify the means (of imposing such parity).
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