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Kinda frustrated and wondering if any of you have any advice... Here is my career history:

2013 June - graduated NIE PGDE, GEO2, PB C+
2014 October - Promoted GEO3, PB C+
2015 - GEO3, PB B
2016 - changed school, GEO3, PB B
2017 April - Promoted GEO4, PB B (in year of promotion)
2018 - GEO4, PB B
2019 - Compulsory HQ posting, GEO4, PB B
2020 - GEO4, PB B
2021 - Still GEO4

Kinda frustrated coz my PB has been a B for 6 yrs in a row (2015 to 2020) but I'm still nt promoted to GEO5. I dunno what else I can do to show my worth... Any advice from more senior colleagues? Thx a lot!
Hi, could you share your salary progression from GEO2 to your current GEO4 in 2021? Noticed you have been GEO4 for 4 years, if there are any increment during this period feel free to share too, thank you would be really helpful!

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