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I also agree because there are some foreign schools that print degrees. We know who the culprits are. No need to keep publicising. A 2.2 from NUS may even be better than a FCH from some places.

But the objection is parity. It is not school-shitting. I really do not give a **** about the vitirol that comes out of entitled local YPs.

To have parity:

1. Either make all foreign grads take the first part of the Bar based on NUS papers marked on a bell curve

2. Make NUS modules which are tested in Part A marked on a pass-fail-distinction basis.

It is rubbish to categorise each person based on perceptions about school and reputation.

You advocate merit. So there isn't any reason for a lack of parity - even your perception about reputation, if true, does not apply to every single person from a particular school. Many duds around in every school.
My next question is also this: if you advocate merit why should the people in every school who only party and dud around be able to rely on the perception about their school, which is formed usually from the brilliant ones?
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