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The fact that you got promoted to GEO4 within two years of teaching shows that your school then adjusted your CEP.

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Maybe i can shed some light. Been teaching since 2012, FCH from NIE degree programme.

First posting to an independent school

2012: 4.1k (GEO 2 - the old scheme was 1.1, or 2.1)
2013: 4.6k (GEO 3 - old GEO 1A1 scheme)
2014: 4.8k (GEO 4 - old GEO 1A2)

Changed schools.

2015 - 2017: went to 6.1k iirc

Changed schools again

2018: 6.3k
2019: 6.5k (became SH)
2021: 7.1k (GEO 5)

Key things I've learnt

1. Your relationship with all HODs and SLs are crucial. While you can do good dept work and your HOD can attest to it, join committees chaired by other HODs. More voices to help fight for you and corroborate your contributions (of course dont screw up).

2. The only way to get promoted fast is to be doing work at a higher GEO level. Notice I did not just say "do more work", but do work that is at a higher GEO level. Look at the EPMS form of an SEO (or at least GEO 5), and notice how the impact needs to be more level wide. So,do more impactful work that goes beyond the classroom.

3. Scholars (LMS, Overseas) do get a better head start (in terms of opportunities and perception). But if you screw up, you hentak kaki. I have also seen non-scholars rise. You have to create your own opportunities and take them. I have seen HODs demoted to being a normal teacher, departments complaining to Supt about HODs. Being a HOD does not automatically make you a leader (let alone a good one). Have the right values and lead with a heart.

4. If you choose to just be a Happy, Ordinary Teacher, that is fine. Just be happy and go with the flow. Maxing out at GEO 5 with a 7.8k salary is not bad compared to private sector. Every career has its pros and cons.

5. To BTs, don't just mix with other BTs / young teachers. Your older colleagues have the wisdom of experience to share with you.
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