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Kinda frustrated and wondering if any of you have any advice... Here is my career history:

2013 June - graduated NIE PGDE, GEO2, PB C+
2014 October - Promoted GEO3, PB C+
2015 - GEO3, PB B
2016 - changed school, GEO3, PB B
2017 April - Promoted GEO4, PB B (in year of promotion)
2018 - GEO4, PB B
2019 - Compulsory HQ posting, GEO4, PB B
2020 - GEO4, PB B
2021 - Still GEO4

Kinda frustrated coz my PB has been a B for 6 yrs in a row (2015 to 2020) but I'm still nt promoted to GEO5. I dunno what else I can do to show my worth... Any advice from more senior colleagues? Thx a lot!
The education service has very slow promotion rates ever since the update of the scheme in 2015. Much slower than the MX scheme. Would suggest you strongly consider whether you want to continue in the service, at the cost of slower promotion. Since you are in HQ, you can attempt to convert scheme of service to MX11. Would be easier if you’re in the policy or services wing. Good luck.
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