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Suspiciously, Part B has remained easy (driving with your eyes closed). Why so? I am glad they are raising stringency of Part B exams. I see a lot of local kids failing Part B too. These are the kids who pretend they have aptitude, come online on these forums to bash other schools for their failures. The profession as a whole should root out those without aptitude.

It should be blind to which school you came from. After all, there is a need to retain public confidence in the legal profession.

BOTH part A and B should reflect the pass rates in other jurisdictions.
Part A used to be 90% pass rate in 2010-2014. Same as Part B.

In fact, if Part A and local syllabus is equivalent, those who get 2.2s in local universities should be barred from practice until they can at least get a 2.1 standard.

Part B should be marked on a hidden bell curve to maintain a low pass rate. Problem solved. Parity and if you really suck whichever school you come from you can't practise.

Somehow, although Part A was made to gradually have a 30% pass rate (anecdotal), Part B retained its 90% pass rate until 2021. Lucky they are raising the standards of BOTH.

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