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After reading many reviews in Glassdoor, I realise every company is a bad company. Apparently, unhappy staff took to Glassdoor to voice their unhappiness against the company. Every company will surely have unhappy staff due to misfit or personality clashes with bosses or colleagues. So I suggest you can read reviews in Glassdoor, but donít be too overly influenced by all the negative reviews. My father works whole life in DSTA btw. Of course he has his fair share of ups and downs, but he is well compensated for all his hard works.
would be unwise to dismiss the reviews, although also true that one should take them with a pinch of salt. seems like there is an unusually high number of bad reviews which i think is important to take into consideration. It may be the case that your father is not in the departments affected and there is indeed a real mismanagement problem in parts of dsta. not everything shld be just dismissed as "misfit" or "personality clashes", after all there is no smoke without fire and ignoring complaints is how legitimate issues get overlooked by management and end up on glassdoor.

End of the day, anyone who gets an offer shld at least do their own due diligence with existing staff if possible and try to find out if there is any basis to these complaints before making a decision.
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