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Why people like you keep on harping on senior analyst? Do you not know that there are 2 career tracks-1 that skips levels and 1 that has more levels? He is talking about the track where he gets promoted from analyst to consultant to manager. This is the track which has 50-60% increment per promotion.

You are referring to the track that promotes from analyst to sr analyst to specialist to associate manager to manager. This is the track which does NOT have 50-60% increment per promotion.

Because most people are offered the Tech track,.
They are unaware there's a consulting track, strategy track which is on a different payscale.
Inside these tracks, there are business groups as well, depending on which group you are in, there's also difference in salary.

Tech track often argues that the other tracks get to skip levels which is unfair.
But on flip side, there's a infamous up or out culture just like the other consulting firms.

All these infos can be found easily in reddit/fishbowl app. Have a nice day.

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