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Here's mine, graduated in 2010, I have a MSc from a local uni but sadly my pay progression is very depressing.

2010 to 2013: $2800 (yes no pay increment for first 3 years)
2013: $3500 (pay increment after I got my MSc.)
2014: $3640
2015: $3750 last drawn salary. Changed a new job and got low balled by HR and stupid me didn't try hard to nego. I got the same salary as my last drawn when I started at the new company fml.
2016: $4150 (salary adjustment)
2017: $4291
2018: $4435
2019: $4589
2020: $4761
2020: Hopefully I can get $5250 as my industry is due for salary adjustment this year.

I'm in my mid 30s and still not hit $5K. Its hard for me to change industry as what I'm doing is very niche.. Currently in healthcare industry, do not join as it is a high stressed job with poor remuneration as you can see from my yearly increment from 2015, plus we are not allowed any pay increment when we jump ship to other hospital.
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