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RSU = Restricted Stock Unit. Yes 1 unit = 1 actual stock unit, only exception is that the stock has no voting rights. There will be a vesting period which differs from company to company, but for Sea and Grab I believe are similar which is vested over 4 years. Meaning lets say the company offers you 3000 unit on 1 Jan 2020, you will get 1/4 of the stocks after 1 year (750 units) on 1 Jan 2021, subsequently every quarters you will get the remaining split equally.

As an existing employee of the company you can only buy / sell the company shares for a period after the company releases its quarterly report, so to prevent insider trading. But if you quit the company, you can sell the vested stocks any time you wanted.

For the example you gave, if you had 3000 units vested after 4 years, yes you can sell them at $278 USD * 1.32 SGD/USD * 3000 = $1,100,880 SGD. That is before you deduct broker fees.

RSUs is also independent of bonuses. Hope my explanation helps.
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