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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Seriously whats this forum's obsession with clarence lun? at least he has the balls to start his own practice. what about you guys?
I'm just going to state that I don't know who Clarence Lun is, but whoever is actively and consistently trying to mock him obviously is an IRL coward at work/life LOL.

I realise a common point for people like the OP is that they are usually jealous (even if they will never admit it) of the person they are mocking, for doing something daring. So they get defensive, because to see a person like Clarence Lun succeed is to show that they have "failed" by taking the safe, "cowardly" route of staying at their firm. They dream of doing the same thing (striking out on their own) but don't dare to. But instead of being happy for people who are trying, they get angry that these others "inferiors" dare to dream big when they themselves have no balls to do so. Generally speaking, people like the OP (1) are jealous and are using such mockery as a coping mechanism (2) wants to see the other party fail so that they can validate their own life choices, instead of trying to improve themselves.

TLDR: Basically, the person wants to remain safe in his mediocrity. Clarence Lun represents a challenge to the established route of making partner in a "big" firm. So the person feels he can only mock Clarence, or his own mediocrity and lack of ambition will bubble to the surface.
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