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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Well maybe not now but the newbie lawyers 5- 10 years from now should be very worried. The lawyers in the industry now are pretty safe for the most part.

With how penny pinching the Big 4s are I imagine they would be more than happy to stop having new associates if it means A/I can replace them. Let natural attrition do its job and they don't even have to go ahead and retrench people.
Whatever can happen in 5-10 years time will also affect other industries.
So I’ll not be too worried. Most industries will suffer similar problems with the rise of AI, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent automation.

What I’m more worried is with the current juniors - those with anything from 0pqe to 7pqe.
Unless you’re a BD king which most 0-7pqe are not, what we are doing are “production worker” kind of job. We turn the files, get the file moving, etc. those are really at risk of being automated.
So what should you do? I guess be very prudent and save if you’re able to earn your $3.5-7k salary now. Save every penny. Be as prudent as possible.
If indeed as the OP said there will be structural unemployment, at least you would have enough savings.
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